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  • In general, whenever the tributes settle their differences and hang out with each other just for a day or night. In a game where everyone fights to death, it's nice to see them being good friends once in a while.
  • Also, whenever the tributes make lasting friendships with each other, such as Mercy and Nora Valkryie in OG Season 85. This proves that being in a killing game doesn't stop the tributes from sticking with each other through thick and thin.

Original Generation[edit | edit source]

  • In Season 21, Toriel finally reunited with her son Asriel (ignoring the fact that the latter was the Absolute God of Hyper death at that time, meaning that the former technically shouldn't have been able to coexist with him as he had absorbed all the human and monster souls.). They had an adorable bonding moment when they sang songs with Cure March. Sadly, this was cut short when Asriel decided not to go to the Feast, unaware that his mother was slain by Tommy Wiseau.
  • In Season 77, Scootaloo rescued Wailord from being tied onto a railroad track by John Wick. A few days later, the Pokémon returned the favor when Scoots nearly met the same fate. While Wailord's rescue mission was rendered moot when Terry Hintz, the very same tribute who tied Scootaloo, killed her the very next day, it's a rare but refreshing sight to see tributes care for each other this way.
  • Meta example: In Season 198, TheGamechanger gave up his nominations for 4fterthought after they missed several seasons in a row due to the spots being filled faster than they can nominate tributes themself.
  • In a gag save for Season 217, Fuyuhiko and Natsumi Kuzuryuu, a pair of close siblings, maintain their canonical relationship by spending time doing normal activities that siblings would typically do, such as racing each other to the tallest tree and giving each other piggyback rides. Although this merely happens in a gag save rather than a canonical season, it is incredibly refreshing to see, as it is very rare for siblings in the Hunger Games to maintain a close, non-incestuous relationship - most of the time, they either kill each other or don’t even acknowledge each other at all.
  • In Season 220, Power Stroke (TroperNo9001 in pony form) shares a surprisingly sweet relationship with Nemo. While they didn't interact very much, their interactions are somewhat of Platonic Life Partners, similar to the relationship of Nemo's father Marlin and their friend Dory. When Mark Hamill reveals that he plans to turn Nemo into a literal shark bait, Power Stroke confronts and kills him both for building a creepy shrine of her and for the plan. After Power Stroke died by the hands of her Arch Enemy, WarioGuy , Nemo is so upset that he's willing to put him into a Fate Worse Than Death, and fought Buneary, who also had close interaction with her, over who is her true best friend, which he won. In fact, he won the entire season for her! It helps that 9k1 herself is a big fan of Finding Nemo (it's her first film she ever watched in the cinema).
    • Also, Power Stroke drinking a Red Bull that had been magically enhanced by none other than Princesses Twilight Sparkle, Celestia, Luna and Cadance. The drink's effect? Turn her into a fellow alicorn. It's entirely possible that the Princesses see her relationship with Nemo, especially after they were judges in the dance-off that Nemo participated in (although he lost), which convinces them to prepare the magical drink in case of their deaths. Awww...
      • Not only that, Power has always wanted to meet them (or at least Twilight) in person (or is that pony?), and that single meeting with them alone was a dream come true.

Reboot[edit | edit source]

  • In Season 7, Ms. Frizzle tells Shoto Todoroki that he's like the kid she never had, and he tells her that she's like the parent he never had. This is especially touching because Shoto's father is abusive and his mother is hospitalized, and even more so since Ms. Frizzle's a teacher while Shoto's a student.
  • Meta example: In Season 9, KLS2097 decided to relinquish his nominations for 4fterthought to let her play instead.
  • Season 51 has at least two heartwarming moments, both involving J-Hope. On the first day, he personally thanks ARMYs for supporting him during the Games. Then, later on during the Feast, ARMYs plus the rest of BTS (minus Suga, who was nominated alongside J-Hope and killed prior) sent J-Hope a birthday cake in an effort to cheer him up after all of the hardships he'd gone through (and, on the ARMYs' part, to thank him back,) likely knowing full well that it wasn't his birthday. And it works. J-Hope becomes much happier, friendlier and more sociable after this despite his struggles prior. These moments are especially heartwarming when you take into account that BTS and their fanbase really do look out for each other like this in real life.

Convergence[edit | edit source]

  • After the events of Reboot Season 50's Nominator Games, Ichigo first assures Mett that he wasn't disappointed in him via a gift basket, then manages to reconcile the friendship he forged with Power by sending her an apology for both killing Gale (which, coming off the heels of Ralsei's earlier demise, caused her to have a tearful Heroic BSOD) and failing to avenge her own death at a then-crazed Infinity's hands. She not only forgives him, but the two later have a watch party for Reboot Season 55 that ends up moving to a bowling alley, where they play another game like Ichigo promised.
  • After the Database Library was set on fire by Timewrecker, many of 6k1's nominator friends comforted her after the initial shock.

Another Side Another Story[edit | edit source]

  • Ichi and Power interacting in General.
  • At Billy's Party, Ninten and Giegue reconciled about their past and made new amends.
  • After Pecan's limbs getting replaced with cybernetics and being completely freaked out by it, Parallel Pecan tries to comfort even giving her a huge hug.
  • After the Emotional Rollercoaster that is Reboot Season 100, Dave decided to meet 6k1 at the Recovery Room at the Science Center.
  • Dave and Fira finally becoming a couple at the end of Bale's party.
  • During Season 125, Changbin lets his bandmate I.N stay the night at his camp when the latter comes to him during the night, terrified after Skales had sent him a bizarre, violent threat earlier that day. The next day, Changbin goes out of his way to boil Skales alive in oil to protect I.N.