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  • As a general rule, this applies to every season winner, as they have lasted long enough and made enough kills to cement themselves as the sole survivor. Bonus points if, during their run, they managed to score a kill on a tribute that canonically eclipses them in pure power.
    • On that note, any tribute who wins the season, or at least places very high, without killing anyone. These tributes tend to survive for a long time without getting caught up in any fatal encounters - which, given how murderous the tributes tend to be, is a rather impressive feat.

Original Generation[edit | edit source]

Reboot[edit | edit source]

  • The first death event of the pilot season starts out almost exactly the same as the first one of the OG, with Thanos Waluigi taking out three tributes with a bomb. This time, it happens in the Bloodbath, and Thanos Waluigi walks away from the explosion without looking back!
    • While he sadly didn't made it to the Hall of Fame, Xingo gets some points for giving Steven Universe (who was [WholesomeCrossdresser dressed in drag]) a KarmicDeath before the latter could continue his rampage. Bonus points for managing to do this despite spending the whole season tiny as a result of eating some questionable food that he found in the Cornucopia during the Bloodbath. Oh, and he also killed Steven with a teddy bear, of all things.
  • In Season 8, Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu approaches Junko Enoshima, the Big Bad of his source material, and attempts to persuade her to switch to the good side despite all of the horrible things she’s done, including possibly brainwashing him into despair before the season began (hence his quadruple murder in the Bloodbath). When Junko refuses, he effectively subjects her to a fiery execution. This is a rare but satisfying moment where a tribute kills a villain from their own source material, especially since, in this case, Junko had subjected Fuyuhiko to a lot of pain and suffering - both in canon and, presumably, the season itself.
  • In the finale of Season 12, Sergeant Johnson kills Ben Swolo, who had, through the course of the season, gained a Stand and the ability to clone himself, among other things, by taping knives to his (Johnson's) eyes and stabbing Ben with them.
  • In Season 19's finale, Michael managed to finally bring down Hardcase, who'd long since cemented himself as the season's most murderous tribute, with nothing more than a booby-trapped chest.
  • In Season 32, Rex Raptor (originally named Dinosaur Ryuzaki in Japanese), a normal human teenager, brought down not just one, but two Stand users, (One of them being Rexy, a TyrannosaurusRex! He also killed Widowmaker, Mega Man X, and CATS as well.
  • Season 40 saw Bob the Tomato of all things, using the Infinity Gauntlet to snap five other tributes out of existence.
  • Not only did [Franchise/StarWars Boba Fett] and Music/SnoopDogg shed their ButtMonkey statuses from the OG thread in Season 51, but the former actually managed to snag second place.
  • In Season 55, [WebAnimation/Twelve Violet], who had previously ditched both her girlfriend Rose and [VisualNovel/NewDanganronpaV3 Kaito Momota], asks them and [Anime/MobileSuitGundamUnicorn Neo Zeong] [VideoGame/FateEXTRA Nero] to throw a net at [VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic HK-47]. They all throw the net at her instead.
    • Earlier in the season, [Franchise/StarWars Rey] destroyed the Death Star by throwing her lightsaber at its weak spot with the Force, causing it to explode. She then killed an entity that rose from the rubble, basically finishing her mentor Luke Skywalker's job.
  • In Season 56, [Series/Survivor Jason's stick idol] comes BackFromTheDead after seeing cursed fanart of itself and pushes [WesternAnimation/Shrek Fairy Godmother] and [Franchise/Touhou Sakuya] off a cliff. [note]The reason the stick didn't die is actually due to a mistake by Tropers/Billy5545, the runner, but the players interpreted it as refusing to die.[/note]
  • In Season 60, [VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime Navi the Fairy] proves that [PintsizedPowerhouse despite her small size, she can mean business just as much as her companion Link does] when she charges in [Literature/HarryPotter Tom Marvolo Riddle] aka [BigBad Lord Voldemort]'s camp with [Webcomic/Homestuck Diamonds Droog] and [Music/BTS Park] [TheDragon Ji][TheStarscream min] and kills him, before then [HoistByHisOwnPetard backstabbing Jimin] by quite literally [Music/LinkinPark burning him to the ground] with Din's Fire. Especially noteworthy is the fact that both Voldemort and Jimin were superpowered by a minor particle accelerator explosion, and the latter was by that point an insane, psychopathic Death Eater. Say what you will about her in canon, but she can pack a serious punch if she wants to.
    • Also, Diamonds Droog. After he died in the bloodbath of Season 56, Tropers/InactiveTroper19 renominated him for a "second chance" alongside [WebAnimation/BattleForDreamIsland X], and DD went on to win the season!
    • [ThoseTwoBadGuys Voldemort and Jimin]. The two formed an alliance early on (as Tropers/IchigoMontoya predicted by accident at the Convergence side), and lasted all the way to the final five together, being one of the few cases where almost all of the fanbase were RootingForTheEmpire. Also, Voldemort managed to turn several tributes against each other and got five kills, earning him the Season's most kills and solidly placing him as the BigBad of the Season.
    • [VideoGame/TheBattleCats Miko] [GreaterScopeVillain Mitama]'s demise. On the very first day, she'd inflicted [ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill all of the fatal events] (minus the blacklisted ones) on Kim Taehyung, aka [Music/BTS V], who hadn't even done anything wrong. She proceeded to commit other atrocities afterwards, but she remains infamous for the superkill specifically. It turned out that her nominator, Tropers/SimpleSeer, was so disgusted by her actions that he killed her midway through the season when she tried to kill him first.
    • Meta example: many players consider Season 60 to be the best season in Reboot history.
  • Following Baroness von Bon Bon's footsteps in the OG, both Yuliy Jirov and Kylo Ren managed to qualify twice in the same Battle Royale cycle. They first became podium finishers in Seasons 66 and 71 respectively, then they both qualified twice when they got into the podiums for the Death Battle in Season 73.

Convergence[edit | edit source]

  • Detective Gamechanger outsmarting Valecor between Season 51 and 52 while fighting him, by using a special device that trapped Valecor with a net, before the drones in it drilled into him and drained all his newfound powers. This also allowed Detective Gamechanger to free himself from Valecor's pocket dimension.
  • Timewrecker's defeat, after a long time of being a massive jackass to everyone and being a Karma Houdini, he gets what he deserves when Genesis, the Nominators and Dark Dave succesfully trap him and his army in an endless loop of deaths, turning his time powers against him.

Another Side, Another Story[edit | edit source]