OG Season 177

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OG Season 177
Season Title OG Season 177 (OG Halloween Episode II)
Date Started October 29th, 2017
Date Ended October 30th, 2017
Runner dave_the_assassin
Host TroperNo9001
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OG Season 177 is the 177th season of Hunger Games Simulator, the 177th season overall and the second OG Halloween Episode. It was run by dave_the_assassin and hosted by TroperNo9001 from 29th to 30th October, 2017. It featured 48 tributes from 24 nominators, as well as (worknumber) different works.

Season Report[edit | edit source]

Tributes[edit | edit source]
Tribute Work of Origin Nominator Placement
Nightmare Fuel TV Tropes TheGamechanger 45th
Pringles Freddy Krueger Crossovers (fusions) TheGamechanger 10th
Alucard Hellsing IchigoMontoya 23rd
Marceline Adventure Time IchigoMontoya 1st
CBS-Tan Moe Anthropomorphisms n3rd_d4sh 7th
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong n3rd_d4sh 38th
Nightmare Moon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TroperNo9001 16th
Daybreaker My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TroperNo9001 2nd
Count Chocula Monster Cereals Mk_97 3rd
Franken Berry Monster Cereals Mk_97 29th
Merasmus the Magician Team Fotress 2 TheSilverShroud 30th
Jamison Junkenstein Overwatch TheSilverShroud 12th
Aradia Megido Homestuck AbsolSigma 42nd
Wayward Vagabond (Pumpkin Head) Homestuck AbsolSigma 21st
Sneaky Spirit Rythym Heaven Zanreo 32nd
Tiny Ghosts Rythym Heaven Zanreo 9th
Maple Leaf Real Life (plants, fruits and vegetables) 4fterthought 14th
Sliced Fruit Real Life (plants, fruits and vegetables) 4fterthought 44th
Doc/O'Malley Red vs. Blue Vampireandthen 22nd
Emily Grey Red vs. Blue Vampireandthen 43rd
Bondrewd the Novel Made in Abyss M[REDACTED] 19th
Prushka Made in Abyss M[REDACTED] 26th
Freaky Fred Courage the Cowardly Dog ThatIdiotMan 31st
Spirit of the Harvest Moon Courage the Cowardly Dog ThatIdiotMan 6th
The Faceless Old Woman (Who Secretly Lives In Your Home) Welcome to Night Vale FirstSnow 20th
The Man in the Tan Jacket Welcome to Night Vale FirstSnow 36th
Michael Myers Halloween Penroses 47th
Conal Cochran Halloween III: Season of the Witch Penroses 46th
Yotsuyu Final Fantasy XIV Eredars 4th
Tormenter Dead Space Eredars 37th
Scary Godmother Scary Godmother W[REDACTED] 15th
Jack O'Lantern The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy W[REDACTED] 27th
Gamzee Makara Homestuck InfinityRyujin 17th
Kurloz Makara Homestuck InfinityRyujin 11th
Werner Werman Cuphead Awesomewade 41st
The Phantom Express Cuphead Awesomewade 24th
Peter Cushing Real Life (actors) dave_the_assassin 13th
Christopher Lee Real Life (actors) dave_the_assassin 28th
Tempest Shadow My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) JediNinjaKat 33rd
Capper Dapperpaws My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) JediNinjaKat 8th
Galamoth Castlevania: Symphony of the Night CosmosAndChaos 39th
Dracula Castlevania CosmosAndChaos 40th
Dr. Zomboss Plants vs. Zombies Alexius08 5th
Giga-Gargantuar Plants vs. Zombies Alexius08 34th
Sam Trick 'r Treat Hydraloonie 25th
Scarecrow Batman Hydraloonie 18th
Ichabod Ichabod the Optimistic Canine Smiley100P 48th
Cappy Super Mario Odyssey Smiley100P 35th
Death Summary and Statistics[edit | edit source]

Kill Tally:

Manner of Death:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The following players nominated reserves:
    • TheGamechanger (Alfred Hitchcock and Stephen King).
    • IchigoMontoya (Spawn and Raven).
    • n3rd_d4sh (Anthony Fantano and Robbie Rotten).
    • TroperNo9001 (Dracula and Count von Count).
    • TheSilverShroud (Monoculus and Junkenstein's Monster).
    • Zanreo (Hatsune Miku (as Pumpkin Dream Miku) and Meiko (as Strawberry Witch Meiko)).
    • M[REDACTED] (Berserker and Sayaka Miki).
    • ThatIdiotMan (Tall Man and Patrick Bateman).
    • Eredars (Phantom and Mitochondrian Centipede).
    • dave_the_assassin (Sora (as Halloween Town Sora)).
  • The following tributes were given alternate nicknames:
    • Donkey Kong (Depressed Donkey Kong).
    • Maple Leaf (NIGHTMARE Leaf, to fit with the Halloween theme).
    • Sliced Fruits (NIGHTMARE Sliced Fruits, also to fit with the Halloween theme).
    • Tempest Shadow (Fizzlepop Berrytwist, her real name).
  • The following group tributes with non-obvious members were composed of:
    • Tiny Ghosts: three in the pic.
  • The following players missed out on the season:
    • Psychedelicate