OG Season 143

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OG Season 143
Season Title OG Season 143
Date Started May 11th, 2017
Date Ended May 12th, 2017
Runner TroperNo9001
Host Psychedelicate
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OG Season 143 is the 143rd season of Hunger Games Simulator and the 143rd season overall. It was run by TroperNo9001 and hosted by Psychedelicate from 11th to 12th May, 2017. It featured 48 tributes from 18 nominators, as well as (worknumber) different works.

Season Report[edit | edit source]

Tributes[edit | edit source]
Tribute Work of Origin Nominator Placement
Diane The Seven Deadly Sins TacoBadger 10th
Blue Diamond Steven Universe TacoBadger 33rd
Moto-Moto Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa arcada188 34th
Banica Conchita Evillious Chronicles arcada188 42nd
The Shepherds Fire Emblem Awakening Revaryk 39th
The Mongol Army Real Life (TBA) Revaryk 40th
Experiment 133 (PJ) Lilo & Stitch: The Series TroperNo9001 29th
Experiment 345 (Elastico) Lilo & Stitch: The Series TroperNo9001 28th
Sweet Bro Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff InfinityRyujin 23rd
Hella Jeff Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff InfinityRyujin 35th
Underdog Underdog SailorTardis 12th
Sweet Polly Purebred Underdog SailorTardis 6th
Junkrat Overwatch IchigoMontoya 7th
Jinx League of Legends IchigoMontoya 5th
Hedgehog Marley Original Characters (others) 4fterthought 26th
Hedgehog Max Original Characters (others) 4fterthought 11th
Freddy Krueger A Nightmare on Elm Street TheGamechanger 22nd
Pedobear Pedobear TheGamechanger 30th
Goonie Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Mk_97 17th
Birdosaurus The Adventures of Dr. McNinja Mk_97 38th
The Black Pearl Pirates of the Caribbean TheSilverShroud 15th
The Flying Dutchman Pirates of the Caribbean TheSilverShroud 44th
Steena Chrono Cross CosmosAndChaos 13th
Doc Chrono Cross CosmosAndChaos 31st
An HGS Participant TV Tropes Hunger Games Simulator W[REDACTED] 1st
Shaiamils Original Characters (others) W[REDACTED] 20th
Guang Hong Ji Yuri!!! on Ice Awesomewade 32nd
Leo de la Iglesia Yuri!!! on Ice Awesomewade 27th
Risky Boots Shantae CyberController 14th
Shantae Shantae CyberController 21st
NASCARLOVER427 Troper Author Avatars NASCARLOVER427 3rd
Jeff Gordon NASCAR NASCARLOVER427 45th
Tony Eisler Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis Cabe_Bedlam 16th
Renee Kearse Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis Cabe_Bedlam 4th
Sayaka Maizono Danganronpa Psychedelicate 18th
Sayaka Miki Puella Magi Madoka Magica Psychedelicate 25th
Meliodas The Seven Deadly Sins TacoBadger 47th
Greg Universe Steven Universe TacoBadger 24th
Sergey Aksyonov Real Life (politicians) arcada188 41st
Matroskin the Cat Prostokvashino arcada188 8th
Nana Elfin Lied SailorTardis 37th
Sabrina Princess Debut SailorTardis 36th
Han Solo Star Wars IchigoMontoya 2nd
Star-Lord Guardians of the Galaxy IchigoMontoya 48th
Swablu Pokémon Mk_97 9th
Ganymede Overwatch Mk_97 46th
Brainiac Superman Awesomewade 19th
Sigma Mega Man X Awesomewade 43rd
Death Summary and Statistics[edit | edit source]

Kill Tally:

Manner of Death:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The following players nominated reserves:
    • TacoBadger (Meliodas and Greg Universe), who made it in.
    • arcada188 (Sergey Aksyonov and Matroskin the Cat), who made it in.
    • Revaryk (Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka (as one tribute) and Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth (as one tribute)).
    • TroperNo9001 (Piplup and Sadness).
    • InfinityRyujin (The Big Man and Geromy).
    • SailorTardis (Nana and Sabrina), who made it in.
    • IchigoMontoya (Han Solo and Star-Lord), who made it in.
    • 4fterthought (Maple Leaf and Mailman).
    • TheGamechanger (Queen Sectonia and Taranza).
    • Mk_97 (Swablu and Ganymede), who made it in.
    • TheSilverShroud (Merasmus and The Soldier).
    • CosmosAndChaos (Grobyc and Pierre).
    • W[REDACTED] (Olabisi and Spenst).
    • Awesomewade (Brainiac and Sigma), who made it in.
    • NASCARLOVER427 (Scott Pilgrim and Knives Chau).
    • Psychedelicate (Chiyo Mihama and Osaka).
  • The following tributes were nominated in alternate forms:
    • NASCARLOVER427, represented by a smoking meme.
    • Sayaka Maizono, wearing her idol outfit.
    • Star-Lord, as his MCU incarnation.
    • Brainiac, as his Injustice 2 incarnation.
  • The following group tributes with non-obvious members were composed of:
    • The Sheperds: TBA
    • The Mongol Army: More than 250.000 men.
  • TheGamechanger originally ran the season. However, TroperNo9001 rerun the season while she was fixing the broken pictures. Had the original save gotten through, then Sayaka Miki would get first place, while Pedobear would get second place.
  • CyberController returned from his hiatus under his current account.