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  • Any instance where a team "tribute" all gang up on one individual. As if one tribute killing them isn't enough. Just imagine a whole gang of villains or entire populations tearing away at you!
  • The reverse of the above also counts as this, where one tribute kills an absurdly large group tribute in just one hit, making them genocidal at best and an Omnicidal Maniac at worst.

Original Generation[edit | edit source]

  • An in-universe example: in Season 8, Dawn Bellwether, Haruhi Suzumiya, Madoka Kaname, and Cloud Strife have a slumber party one night, only for the girls to kick Cloud out and invite Nightmare Fredbear on the next. Sweet dreams, girls!
  • In Season 74, Barry Ill, a patient who constantly gets tortured by sadistic doctors, slowly gets disemboweled by Prozac Bear. While Cute And Psycho tributes are to be expected in the Games, Prozac is a brightly colored parody of a Care Bear, like most of the doctors at Sparklecare (though they're different kinds of cutesy animals instead).
  • In Season 75, Maou, in a primal craze, eats Kirby.
  • In Season 81, Arnold, a cowardly schoolboy, undergoes Sanity Slippage and slaughters multiple tributes with explosives and meat hooks.
  • In Season 85, Terry Bogard slaughters around 11 children, all belonging to the Loud Family. And then there's his own death: he gets slaughtered in a primal craze by Khan, who proceeds to make a meal out of him.
  • Specific examples of group tributes ganging up on an individual:
    • The Akatsuki all bash Khan's brains out with maces in Season 85. As if one person doing it was bad enough - and it doesn't help that the Akatsuki itself is made up entirely of killer ninjas.
    • Before that, the Cleveland Cavaliers[note] which had a roster of 15 players and 10 members of the coaching staff at the time of nomination[/note] won and made the most kills in Season 84 by killing Matt the Radar Technician on the first day, then pushing Homer Simpson into a pitcher plant when hostile plantlife grew rapidly, and then murdering three more tributes after the arena event in almost quick succession, and finally back stabbing the Chicago Cubs[note]which had a roster of 45 players and 12 members of the coaching staff at the time of nomination[/note] with tridents.
    • Another noteworthy instance happened during Season 87's Bloodbath, where the aforementioned Cavaliers all sliced up John Cena with swords.
    • Later on, in Season 88, the Cubs all slowly crushed Bob the Builder's skull.
    • In a gag save for Season 195, all seven members of BTS dismember Smiley100P because they mistook her for President Snow.
  • Specific examples of one tribute killing an absurdly large group tribute:
    • [VideoGame/Borderlands2 Tiny Tina], who was already [CuteAndPsycho a few sandwiches short of a picnic] in her home series, was the first tribute to cement herself as genocidal, when she skewered all of humanity, [VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII Sephiroth] and [Series/MasterChef Gordon Ramsay] with an energy spear in Season 96.
    • Another noteworthy instance of this was [Literature/TheHungerGames the Arena Forcefield] from Season 203, after it killed [UpToEleven all previous tributes] with an omniverse-sized axe.
    • Topping that is an event in Season 231, where [Manga/MyHeroAcademia Eijirou Kirishima and Katsuki Bakugou] [OmnicidalManiac destroyed everything that has ever existed, exists and will exist...] because they [DisproportionateRetribution offended them with a yo mama joke!] And they never showed any remorse for this. FridgeHorror sets in when you realize that they killed and destroyed everyone and everything that are important to them without regret. All of their treasured belongings, their families, their friends... they destroyed it all. Yes, they even killed [BigGood All Might.]
      • Furthermore, since they destroyed everything that will exist, they basically killed every character from every work that was unreleased at the time... including [CutShort all the seasons after that and the] [CutShort Reboot itself.]
    • And all of that culminated in the GrandFinale, where Tropers/Scipion3, after losing his hearing from fighting [Literature/TheHungerGames Peacekeepers], [SanitySlippage slowly lost his sanity] and cooked the souls of all the previous tributes and [ImAHumanitarian fed them to] [Anime/OsomatsuSan Jyushimatsu Matsuno] and [Webcomic/Homestuck Kanaya Maryam!]
  • In Season 165, UsefulNotes/TheodoreRoosevelt [FlayingAlive skins] [VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIV Garuda's] skin and [GenuineHumanHide wears it as a jacket.] Let's repeat, the 26th President of the United States SKINS a Primal and wears her flesh as a jacket.
  • In Season 177, [Machinima/RedVsBlue Emily Grey] kills herself in disgust after catching the [Podcast/WelcomeToNightVale Faceless Old Woman] and the [VideoGame/DeadSpace Tormentor] having sex. Dear lord, that's an unpleasant image.

Reboot[edit | edit source]

  • Specific examples of group tributes ganging up on an individual:
    • Meta example: starting in Season 19, Tropers/TheGamechanger nominated large populations and where they live, increasing the number every few seasons. The implications of this plan are just chilling, to say the least.
      • In Season 19, UsefulNotes/Detroit and all its citizens ate a piece of flesh from [Anime/LittleWitchAcademia Atsuko Kagari]. [AlternativeCharacterInterpretation Depending on how you look at it], either they tore off one piece and shared it with each other, or they all ripped out one piece each. Either way, Akko miraculously survived this ordeal... until she got fed to a ManEatingPlant by [WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Cozy Glow], :a canonically CuteAndPsycho filly.
      • During the Bloodbath of Season 31, ComicBook/Deadpool managed to find Metro Detroit (somehow) hiding in the cornucopia, only to be overpowered and slain by the city and its inhabitants.
      • Season 41 had [Franchise/KingdomHearts Kairi] hiding in UsefulNotes/Michigan to get away from the [WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic unreformed Changelings]. She got killed by all the citizens living in it and the state itself, who were all revealed to be Changelings in disguise! If that's not enough, they were all possessed by the last tribute they killed before this happened [FridgeLogic (somehow, since they didn't kill anyone up until that point)]. It ultimately ended with them Zerg Rushing [Anime/DragonBallSuper Goku Black] and pummeling him to death.
      • Similarly to the "Akko Incident" above, a pre-Season 58 gag save sees UsefulNotes/Australia and its entire population eating a piece of flesh from [Music/BTS Jin's] body. This example is considerably more terrifying, however, due to the large increase in population for the massive group tribute, the possibility of many of these Australians being sasaengs[note]hardcore K-Pop stans who go to extreme lengths to get close with their favourite idols[/note] and Jin later [MadeOfIron losing an eye and still somehow surviving.]
    • There's an event where a tribute summons all the tributes registered in the HGS Database to kill another, with [Anime/ZombielandSaga Ai Mizuno] being the first victim in Season 36. Since the Database is constantly updating itself, the number of summoned tributes ganging up on the poor victim [SerialEscalation increases with every new version.] And that's not even taking group tributes into account.
    • Season 59 features the entire population of [VideoGame/NationStates Netflixworld] (which numbers in more than one billion people) ripping [MemeticMutation Don't You Ever Stop] [Franchise/Gundam Orga's] spine off in the Bloodbath, before immediately ripping [WesternAnimation/TheLooneyTunesShow Tina Russo's] jaw in Day One. After they got shrunk by [Film/TheGodfather Michael Corleone], they were then eaten a few days later in The Feast by [WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars Hardcase].
    • While it was done by a nominator instead of a tribute and the tributes involved were only copies of EVERYTHING (and Tier 0), Janice the Cow's death in Season 106 counts, when she got pulverized by all tribute ever nominated from Psychedelicate hacking the Database to release the copies.
  • Specific examples of one tribute killing an absurdly large group tribute:
    • All instances of a tribute killing Gamechanger's group tribute(s):
      • [Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean Captain Jack Sparrow] first did it in Season 19 when he killed the city of UsefulNotes/Detroit and all its citizens.
      • The CN Tower followed next when it killed Wayne County, MI, alongside its citizens in Season 24.
      • [VideoGame/HearthstoneHeroesOfWarcraft Waxmancer Sturmi] became the third to accomplish this by killing Southeast Michigan and everyone in it during Season 33.
      • [Anime/KirbyRightBackAtYa Nightmare] then became the fourth to achieve it when he killed the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, alongside everyone living in it during Season 38.
      • While Creator/DonaldSutherland did it alongside Advertising/Pepsiman and [WesternAnimation/ChipNDaleRescueRangers Dale], as well as killing three tributes instead of one, he still deserves to be mentioned, as he technically became the most murderous out of the three by killing the UsefulNotes/UnitedStates and its entire population alongside [VideoGame/AHatInTime Hat Kid] and [Manga/JojosBizarreAdventure Pesci Trish] during Season 56.
      • [WebAnimation/MetaRunner Tari] became the next tribute to kill an absurdly large group tribute of Gamechanger's, when she killed the land and entire population of UsefulNotes/NorthAmerica in the Bloodbath on her own during Season 57.
      • [VideoGame/TheBattleCats Creator God Gaia] then killed the nation and entire population of UsefulNotes/Australia alongside [VideoGame/Hitman Vanya Shah], also during the Bloodbath in Season 58.
      • Season 71 saw [Franchise/StarWars Kylo Ren] bombard the entire population of UsefulNotes/Africa along with [VideoGame/StarWarsTheOldRepublic Darth Malgus] and [Music/StrayKids Seo Changbin].
    • [Franchise/Pokemon Ribombee] was the first to kill a non-Gamechanger absurdly large group tribute, by killing the entire [VideoGame/MapleStory Resistance] during Season 30.
    • [WesternAnimation/ThunderCats1985 Lion-O] then killed all celestial bodies in the Solar System during Season 44.
    • [Manga/JojosBizarreAdventure DIO] destroyed the entire Multiverse in Season 45, taking after Winter [WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse Amethyst] in the OG.
    • During Season 95, the [Franchise/KamenRider Oni Riders] killed all music fans, which equal to all of humanity, by executing them using the iron maiden.
    • Currently, [WesternAnimation/FindingNemo Dory] tops the most technical kills ever made not in just the Reboot, but the entire history of the Games when she killed Tier 0 (which included EVERYTHING and beyond) using [VideoGame/Hiveswap Xefros Tritoh's] Cuebatkind Abstratus that she stole from him earlier in Season 74.
  • The entire arc of [WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse Greg Universe and Rose Quartz] in Season 22, where they both underwent AdaptationalVillainy by being a murderous couple. It's no wonder that their son Steven was [InTheBlood just as murderous as them in the pilot.]
    • The season began with Rose absorbing the souls of ComicStrip/Garfield, [VideoGame/EpicBattleFantasy Matt], [WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars Commander Thorn], [Series/TheGoodPlace Trevor] (who's a demon), and [ArsonMurderAndJaywalking a nightgown] in order to transform herself into an [EldritchAbomination eldritch horror.] She even drank a strange drink that made her [AttackOfTheFiftyFootWhatever grow bigger], effectively making her even more of a [WaxingLyrical giant woman.] While she was [DePower De-Powered] with [VideoGame/PaperMario64 Chill Out] by [VideoGame/RushingBeat Dag], she still [BroughtDownToBadass managed to go against her ideals with her crimes.]
      • The day after she transformed into an eldritch horror, she [UnholyMatrimony went out] ([YourCheatingHeart and cheated on Greg in the process]) with [Franchise/KingdomHearts Master Xehanort], who's an old man. She was eventually [ADeadlyAffair punished for this by Greg.]
    • Meanwhile, Greg, after getting high on [Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure Jotaro] [Anime/DragonBallSuper Caulifla] by grinding them into a powder and snorting them up, asked [Franchise/Touhou Raiko] where Rose was, wanting to confront her for cheating on him. He eventually [ADeadlyAffair found Rose and killed her for it], but not without going on a drug-induced rampage himself.
  • In Season 52, [Literature/TheMagicSchoolBus Mikey], a sweet kid in a wheelchair, imagined that everyone, including his own father, was laughing at him. The very next day, he acted on those feelings by summoning a gigantic shadow dragon, which then proceeded to devour [VideoGame/RiskOfRain2 Clay Dunestrider], [Patricide his own dad], Music/BTS[note]who were all shrunken before this[/note], [Anime/ChargemanKen Maou-sama], and ComicBook/ErikKillmonger.
  • Season 54 has the North East Central States and their citizens wander into a garage with robotic copies of every single one of them, and they collectively question their reality. Then, they all get pulverized by the BulletHell God's orbs in his Arena Event. To quote 6k1[note]technically 6k2, but they're interchangeable since they're clones[/note] in Convergence: "do they even have enough body bags for all of those?!"
    • Later on in the season, Machinima/GorgeousFreeman killed [Series/BarRescue Jon Taffer] by putting him on two boats and force-feeding him milk and honey. This was based on an ancient execution called [CruelAndUnusualDeath scaphism], which killed the victim in a matter of days in a pretty agonizing death. Tropers/Warmaster23rat [FridgeHorror even pointed out how Jon probably didn't die on that day like what the simulator said,] [FateWorseThanDeath but he survived up until the end of the season.]
  • In Season 60, [VideoGame/TheBattleCats Miko Mitama] subjects Kim Taehyung, otherwise known as [Music/BTS V], to [ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill all the previous (family-friendly) fatal events at once], and this includes every entry from the above list. V did nothing to deserve this, especially because he was mugged for his Smash Bros invitations by [WesternAnimation/TheHunchbackOfNotreDame Esmerelda] and [VideoGame/KirbysReturnToDreamland Landia].
    • Needless to say, the FridgeHorror associated with this is tremendous, especially given just how many fatal events there were at the time of that season. In fact, many tropers interpret V's fate as him being trapped in an infinite death loop. The more you think about it, the more horrifying V's fate becomes.
    • What makes this worse is how Park Jimin - who is not only his bandmate but also his best friend - takes all of this. He started out very much like his real-life self - a kind, selfless young man who gave [Franchise/Kirby Bonkers] a blood transfusion using his own blood. After V's fate was sealed, he [SanitySlippage slowly lost his mind] and [CorruptTheCutie began to work alongside] [Literature/HarryPotter Lord Voldemort.] By the time he finally [TheStarscream turned on Voldemort] and was immediately killed by [VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime Navi the Fairy] right after, he was an insane, psychopathic Death Eater - all because he lost his best friend to the worst fate that any tribute in the Games could ever go through.
  • Remember the part where one of the rules in the Reboot Troper Games outlawed cannibalism? Well, turns out somehow they forgot to remove the event related to it, resulting in Eredars ripping off a piece of Zorua and eating it in Season 100. While this was Hand Waved as Zorua distracting Eredars with a piece of meat, it's still chilling.
  • In Season 160, the Film/Ghostbusters spiked Humanity's entire water supply with literal Nightmare Fuel during the Feast, turning them all into an incomprehensible mass of eldritch horrors. [Film/Ghost1996 Sam Wheat], as scared as he was of them as the other tributes, put them all out of misery by whacking them with a giant spoon.
  • Asriel's arc in Season 220 is one gigantic barrel of Nightmare Fuel. After finding the Primal Stone, he pretty much reverts back to Flowey mentally. This would actually led him to actually kill his own father Asgore at the Feast.
  • You thought V getting subjected to every non-blacklisted fatal event was bad? Try imagining 16 people being subjected to those events instead then. That's exactly what Wooloo did to Black Eagles and Co. in Season 223. Is it any wonder even Reva Sevander aka the Second Sister decided to assassinate it via poison for this atrocity?

Convergence[edit | edit source]

  • Valecor. First appearing as living literal nightmare fuel, he's the embodiment of all evil. He recruited various villains he came across and his goal is to make a utopia for all villains.
  • The G-13 glitch virus. It is some kind of a virus that consumes every universe they get into quickly, glitching and eventually destroying them helplessly. It is stated that a lot of the universes where Timewrecker's men came from were already destroyed by the virus, and Timewrecker himself broadcasted the virus destroying the VideoGame/PokemonMysteryDungeon world to the nominators in his message, with [TheWorfEffect even the legendaries being destroyed easily.]
  • Timewrecker himself. He's the leader of a group of space pirates and used to be a top follower of Valecor, and it shows. He apparently killed the nominators in alternate timelines and is planning to take them on all at once. Even worse is that he plans on attempting to control G-13 as a WeaponOfMassDestruction.
    • He captures massive populations in Pocket Dimensions and releases them in the Arena [ForTheEvulz just to mess with the nominators.] Since he pulls them from Alternate Timelines, he can do this as many times as he wishes, and he also forces the nominators' [TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou Fourth Wall counterparts] aka their writers to fight in televised death matches.
    • A diary entry reveals that he orchestrated the Great Destruction, destroying several Cosmic Keystones to obliterate EVERYTHING to weaken Xiamos and tricking Scipion into drinking nightmare fuel by disguising it as an exotic muscle drink.

Another Side, Another Story[edit | edit source]

  • The destruction of the Universes caused by the Legion of Doom's machine. 10 Worlds are completely erased from existence. With any deities, powerhouses and other beings in it erased as well. Even worse, not even being outside the destroyed Universe will save you as Lucemon, Diny and others find out.
  • Downplayed with the [ANaziByAnyOtherName Neon Quarters]. When most of the villains are superpowered, over-the-top entities that aren't likely to appear in real life, the Neon Quarters are a group of [NoNonsenseNemesis believable, realistic terrorists] who are active in the state's politics, have a false religion in an attempt to control Panem's population and their goal is to push Panem back to a totalitarian regime. They are a realistic threat that can appear in the real world, making the group more unsettling than most villains.