Reboot Season 33

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Reboot Season 33
Season Title Reboot Season 33
Date Started March 10th, 2019
Date Ended March 12th, 2019
Runner KLS2097
Host VengefulBale
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Reboot Season 33 is the 33rd season of Hunger Games Simulator: Beyond the Possibilities, as well as the 283rd season overall. It was run by KLS2097 and hosted by VegefulBale, from 10th to 12th March, 2019. It featured 48 tributes from 24 nominators, as well as TBA different works.


Tribute Work of Origin Nominator Placement
Nefarian World of Warcraft Scipion3 27th
Flammie Secret of Mana Scipion3 10th
Protocol Droid System Shock Eredars 32nd
Hybrid System Shock Eredars 30th
Cheech Marin Cheech and Chong KLS2097 39th
Tommy Chong Cheech and Chong KLS2097 1st
Lonk from Pennsylvania StreetPass Mii Plaza VengefulBale 8th
Petch from Texas StreetPass Mii Plaza VengefulBale 43rd
California Rolls Real Life (food and drink) 4fterthought 20th
Pistachio Ice Cream Real Life (food and drink) 4fterthought 37th
Marv Sin City TacoBadger 12th
Rorschach Watchmen TacoBadger 9th
Draco Malfoy Harry Potter IchigoMontoya 36th
Diana Cavendish Little Witch Academia IchigoMontoya 2nd
Hades Kid Icarus: Uprising mettaton48 29th
Hades Hercules mettaton48 23rd
Grand Karcist Ion SCP Foundation Emperor_Ing 19th
Robert Bumaro SCP Foundation Emperor_Ing 41st
Dark Simorgh Yu-Gi-Oh! InfinityRyujin 7th
Dark Armed Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh! InfinityRyujin 15th
Cursed Arnold and Gerald Cursed Images ThatIdiotMan 3rd
Propane Nightmares Crossovers (fusions) ThatIdiotMan 40th
The Source of All Evil Charmed TheMemeMan 34th
Atlas Greek Mythology TheMemeMan 22nd
Cowbear Katamari Damacy Zanreo 6th
Rouxls Kaard Deltarune Zanreo 44th
Gordon Freeman Half-Life Warmaster23rat 13th
Adrian Shepard Half-Life Warmaster23rat 48th
Scrat Ice Age Oggy123 21st
The Tank Gang Finding Nemo Oggy123 18th
Southeast Michigan Real Life (state regions) TheGamechanger 33rd
Thanos Waluigi Crossovers (fusions) TheGamechanger 17th
Eirin Yagokoro Touhou PinkCelebi 47th
Bayonetta Bayonetta PinkCelebi 46th
Cloud Strife Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged Cybersbe 35th
Aerith Gainsborough Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged Cybersbe 26th
Judas Priest Judas Priest MrDeathPlatypus 42nd
Foo Fighters Foo Fighters MrDeathPlatypus 38th
Oscar the Grouch Sesame Street TroperNo9001 45th
Grover Sesame Street TroperNo9001 11th
Alita Battle Angel Alita M[REDACTED] 14th
Desty Nova Battle Angel Alita M[REDACTED] 25th
John Marston Red Dead Redemption unfortunatezorua 16th
Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad Assassin's Creed unfortunatezorua 28th
Waxmancer Sturmi Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Ravenstone 4th
Russel the Bard Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Ravenstone 5th
Master Xehanort Kingdom Hearts dave_the_assassin 31st
The Skull Kid The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask dave_the_assassin 24th

Death Summary and Statistics[edit]



  • The following players nominated reserves:
    • Oggy123 (Masahiro Sakurai and Banjo and Kazooie (the latter two as one tribute))
    • PinkCelebi (All the Stars in the Universe and Every Grain of Sand)
    • M[REDACTED] (Detective Geralt and Ronin Geralt)
  • The following tributes were nominated in alternate forms:
    • Eirin Yagokoro, wearing glasses.
  • The following tributes were given alternate nicknames:
    • Alita (Gally, her Japanese name)
  • The following players swapped out or un-nominated their tributes:
    • TheMemeMan (the Ku Klux Klan and Bunny, who were swapped out out due to the controversy around KKK.)
  • The following group tributes were composed of:
    • The Tank Gang: Bloat, Jacques, Peaches, Bubbles, Gill, Deb, and Gurgle
    • Southeast Michigan: roughly more than 4.6 million SE Michiganians and the region itself at the time of nomination.