Reboot Season 237

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Reboot Season 237
Season Title Reboot Season 237
Date Started September 25th, 2022
Date Ended September 27th, 2022
Runner MummyGaGa
Host Psychedelicate
Secondary Host MummyGaGa
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Reboot Season 237 is the 237th season of Hunger Games Simulator: Beyond the Possibilities, and the 487th season overall. It was run by MummyGaGa and hosted by Psychedelicate and MummyGaGa from 25th to 27th September, 2022. It featured 48 tributes from (nomnumber) nominators, as well as (worknumber) different works.

Season Report[edit | edit source]

Tributes[edit | edit source]
Tribute Work of Origin Nominator Placement
Jon Arbuckle Garfield This 16th
Eunie Xenoblade Chronicles 3 MummyGaGa 28th
NYAN CAR Nyan Cat CardboardBot 47th
Leif Bug Fables Bluethorn 31st
Max Headroom Guy Max Headroom Signal Hijacking MatthewLMayfield 40th
Mafalda Mafalda PointMaid 25th
Boba Fett and Fennec Shand Star Wars IchigoMontoya 39th
Seagull The Lighthouse TheMemeMan 8th
Steve bill wurtz Owen23 43rd
Muscle Man Regular Show ThatIdiotMan 27th
Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero VengefulBale 37th
Spyro the Dragon Spyro the Dragon Mk_97 45th
Otsdarva Armored Core BambangDoe 13th
?????????? Rushing Beat CosmosAndChaos 35th
Fusilli Jerry Seinfeld Ozbourne 23rd
Pipsqueak My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TroperNo9001 22nd
Meta Knight Kirby GamerLuna2022 2nd
Dr. Phil M&M M&M's samicable 32nd
Condorito Condorito FollowTheMap 5th
Gawr Gura hololive Cutegirl920fire 4th
Kermit the Frog The Muppets JankyKong 42nd
Carrot Cake Cookie Original Characters (Cookie Run) wingedcatgirl 12th
Alec Trevelyan GoldenEye Billy5545 30th
Big Sad Lock Arknights Justkong033 24th
Gertie the Dinosaur Gertie the Dinosaur kablammin45 34th
Nintendo Bottled Time Oggy123 6th
James Ramirez Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Warmaster23rat 48th
Lucina Fire Emblem Awakening Psychedelicate 9th
Sarge Red vs. Blue Myskywarm 46th
Starved Sonic.exe SomeLibre 44th
Mega Knight Clash Royale evilfacefromcatgame 29th
Eox The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Scipion3 19th
Ryoma Hoshi Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony ultimate_life_form 3rd
Crazy Dave Plants vs. Zombies This 26th
Tom Anderson Beavis and Butthead MatthewLMayfield 7th
Sypha Belnades and Trevor Belmont (2017) Castlevania (2017) IchigoMontoya 21st
Damien Maymdien bill wurtz Owen23 1st
Sana Armello ThatIdiotMan 20th
Pilgor Goat Simulator Mk_97 38th
Wynne D Fanchon Armored Core BambangDoe 33rd
Noa Legend of Legaia CosmosAndChaos 11th
Pretzels Real Life (food and drink) Ozbourne 36th
Ninomae Ina'nis hololive Cutegirl920fire 18th
Uchiha Rushia Bootlegs Billy5545 14th
Little Nemo Little Nemo kablammin45 17th
Furnace Sonic.exe SomeLibre 41st
Wawa oh the misery cat evilfacefromcatgame 10th
Cragma The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Scipion3 15th
Death Summary and Statistics[edit | edit source]

Kill Tally:

Manner of Death:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The following players nominated reserves:
    • This (Crazy Dave), who made it in.
    • MatthewLMayfield (Tom Anderson), who made it in.
    • IchigoMontoya (Sypha Belnades and Trevor Belmont), who made it in.
    • Owen23 (Damien Maymdien), who made it in.
    • ThatIdiotMan (Sana), who made it in.
    • Mk_97 (Pilgor), who made it in.
    • BambangDoe (Wynne D. Fanchon), who made it in.
    • CosmosAndChaos (Noa), who made it in.
    • Ozbourne (These Pretzels), who made it in.
    • Cutegirl920fire (Ninomae Ina'nis), who made it in.
    • Billy5545 (Uchiha Rushia), who made it in.
    • kablammin45 (Little Nemo), who made it in.
    • SomeLibre (Furnace), who made it in.
    • evilfacefromcatgame (Wawa), who made it in.
    • Scipion3 (Cragma), who made it in.
  • The following tributes were given alternate nicknames:
    • Ninomae Ina'nis (Ina)
    • ?????????? (Amy)
  • The following players swapped out or un-nominated their tributes:
  • Original characters' creators:
    • Carrot Cake Cookie and Catmint Cookie (unused reserve) (wingedcatgirl, with Catmint's artwork done by CustardAndPie/CheddarExuberant)
  • MummyGaGa took over as a backup host for the last two updates as Psychedelicate wasn't able to do them since she needed to go out.