Reboot Season 215

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Reboot Season 215
Season Title Reboot Season 215
Date Started May 3rd, 2022
Date Ended May 5th, 2022
Runner MatthewLMayfield
Host AlbertThompsonJr
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Reboot Season 215 is the 215th season of Hunger Games Simulator: Beyond the Possibilities, and the 465th season overall. It was run by MatthewLMayfield and hosted by AlbertThompsonJr from 3rd to 5th May, 2022. It featured 48 tributes from 31 nominators, as well as 39 different works.

Season Report[edit | edit source]

Tributes[edit | edit source]
Tribute Work of Origin Nominator Placement
Armored Armadillo Mega Man X Bluethorn 3rd
Edelgard Theresa Crossovers (fusions) Cutegirl920fire 15th
Francine Frankenstein Escape From Zombie Park Island MatthewLMayfield 48th
Ashley Graham Resident Evil 4 HypeKitty1 10th
Marsh Pretty Cure TheMemeMan 25th
Scrooge McDuck (DuckTales 2017) DuckTales (2017) VengefulBale 22nd
Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat Sonic the Hedgehog IchigoMontoya 43rd
Clawroline Kirby and the Forgotten Land Owen23 9th
Lucien Lachance The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion TheWhiteWolf 39th
Staphylococcus Aureus Cells at Work! JankyKong 36th
Thundercat Thundercat Mk_97 30th
Holly Original Characters (other) Ozbourne 21st
Krabton Crossovers (fusions) This 44th
Longbowman Age of Empires ThatIdiotMan 19th
Fecto Elfilis Kirby and the Forgotten Land Scipion3 27th
Edelgard von Hresvelg Fire Emblem: Three Houses MummyGaGa 37th
Morgan Fire Emblem Awakening AlbertThompsonJr 16th
Yang Street Fighter III CosmosAndChaos 24th
Affogato Cookie Cookie Run samicable 40th
Edsel Edsel kablammin45 41st
Berial Devil May Cry 4 BambangDoe 18th
The Man With No Name The Town With No Name Justkong033 46th
Illina Rose Original Characters (Mandela Catalogue) SomeLibre 26th
Nigel Ng (Uncle Roger) Uncle Roger BlackFaithStar 5th
Elfilin Kirby and the Forgotten Land Oggy123 35th
Lucca Ashtear Chrono Trigger Myskywarm 12th
Andy Davis Toy Story TroperNo9001 1st
Dead by Sunrise Dead by Sunrise dave_the_assassin 28th
Moona Hoshinova hololive Psychedelicate 34th
Tsukasa Hiiragi Lucky Star Zanreo 29th
Seiros Fire Emblem: Three Houses FollowTheMap 6th
Max Profitt Haltmann Kirby: Planet Robobot VengefulBale 7th
Rey and Kylo Ren Star Wars EU IchigoMontoya 31st
Leongar Kirby and the Forgotten Land Owen23 8th
Mega Man Mega Man JankyKong 14th
Arurandeisu hololive Mk_97 38th
Tina Belcher Bob's Burgers Ozbourne 17th
Pointman Elite Age of Empires ThatIdiotMan 4th
Edelgard von Hresvelg Fire Emblem: Three Houses MummyGaGa 13th
Marc (A Future Tied by Fates) A Future Tied by Fates AlbertThompsonJr 20th
Shaun Murphy The Good Doctor CosmosAndChaos 2nd
Guard The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim kablammin45 45th
Goliath Devil May Cry 5 BambangDoe 32nd
Harry Kok Siew Yoke Harry Kok Siew Yoke BlackFaithStar 42nd
Ribbon Kirby Oggy123 23rd
Sid Phillips Toy Story TroperNo9001 33rd
Gareth Mallory (M) James Bond (Daniel Craig film continuity) dave_the_assassin 11th
Rachel Bighead Rocko's Modern Life Psychedelicate 47th
Death Summary and Statistics[edit | edit source]

Kill Tally:

Manner of Death:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The following players nominated reserves:
    • Bluethorn (Spekkio)
    • Cutegirl920fire (Pre- and Post-Timeskip!Edelgard)
    • MatthewLMayfield (Jimmy "Shoehorn" Scott)
    • HypeKitty1 (Jin-Hee)
    • TheMemeMan (Azaka Kokutou)
    • VengefulBale (Max Profitt Haltmann), who made it in.
    • IchigoMontoya (Rey and Kylo Ren (as one tribute)), who made it in.
    • Owen23 (Leongar), who made it in.
    • JankyKong (Bad Box Art Mega Man), who made it in.
    • Mk_97 (Arurandeisu), who made it in.
    • Ozbourne (Tina Belcher), who made it in.
    • This (Spambob)
    • ThatIdiotMan (Pointman Elite), who made it in.
    • Scipion3 (Queen Sectonia)
    • MummyGaGa (Maid Edelgard), who made it in.
    • AlbertThompsonJr (A Future Tied by Fates!Marc), who made it in.
    • CosmosAndChaos (Shaun Murphy), who made it in.
    • samicable (Caramel Apple Cookie)
    • kablammin45 (A Guard), who made it in.
    • BambangDoe (Goliath), who made it in.
    • Justkong033 (Pastimers Club)
    • SomeLibre (Lucinda Dalhia)
    • BlackFaithStar (Harry Kok Siew Yoke), who made it in.
    • Oggy123 (Ribbon), who made it in.
    • TroperNo9001 (Sid Phillips), who made it in.
    • dave_the_assassin (Gareth Mallory), who made it in.
    • Psychedelicate (Rachel Bighead), who made it in.
    • Zanreo (Kagami Hiiragi)
    • FollowTheMap (Zygarde)
  • The following tributes were nominated in alternate forms:
    • Morgan, as an alternate version of her as the Exalt of Ylisse.
    • Edelgard was nominated twice (not counting Edelgard Theresa): both as her pre-timeskip self and in a maid outfit.
    • Mega Man, as his appearance on the original box art, making him look like a middle-aged man.
    • Seiros, as the Immaculate One.
    • Andy Davis, as his 17-year-old self in Toy Story 3.
    • Sid Phillips, as his 22-year-old self in Toy Story 3.
  • The following tributes were given alternate nicknames:
    • Ashley Graham (Ashely, due to a typo)
    • The Man With No Name (Not Shane)
    • Seiros (The Inmaculate One. It was supposed to be The Immaculate One, but there was a typo)
    • Mega Man (Bad Boxart Mega Man)
  • The following players swapped out or un-nominated their tributes:
    • MummyGaGa (Lysithea von Ordelia as his reserve tribute, who swapped her with Maid Edelgard after reserves were rolled)
  • The following group tributes with non-obvious members were composed of:
    • Dead by Sunrise: Chester Bennington, Ryan Shuck, Amir Derakh, Anthony "Fu" Valcic, Brandon Belsky, and Elias Andra.
  • The following players sat out of this season:
    • wingedcatgirl
  • Original characters' creators:
    • Jimmy "Shoehorn" Scott (unused reserve) (MatthewLMayfield)
    • Dr. Francine Frankenstein (PointMaid)
    • Holly (Ozbourne)
    • Illina Rose and Lucinda Dalhia (unused reserve) (SomeLibre)