Reboot Season 191

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Reboot Season 191
Season Title Reboot Season 191
Date Started November 28th, 2021
Date Ended November 30th, 2021
Runner BlackFaithStar
Host Psychedelicate
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Reboot Season 191 is the 191st season of Hunger Games Simulator: Beyond the Possibilities, the 441th season overall. It was run by BlackFaithStar and hosted by Psychedelicate from 28th to 30th November, 2021. It featured 48 tributes from (nomnumber) nominators, as well as (worknumber) different works.


Tribute Work of Origin Nominator Placement
Doc Steven Universe TroperNo9001 21st
Madara Uchiha Naruto IchigoMontoya 48th
Velma Dinkley Scooby-Doo ultimate_life_form 36th
Sora Kingdom Hearts Risdio51 24th
Kerr Avon Blake's 7 EeveeGirlChey 47th
Skids Valentino Later Alligator Bluethorn 26th
Phillip Frond Bob's Burgers Ozbourne 34th
Vigo the Carpathian Ghostbusters II TheMemeMan 15th
Paul Pokémon: The Series VengefulBale 6th
Grandma Cookie Clicker ThatIdiotMan 9th
Ena Ena R3Ked 14th
Squid Game Doll Squid Game MummyGaGa 31st
Green Bean Casserole Real Life (food and drink) kablammin45 1st
Marianne von Edmund and Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd Fire Emblem: Three Houses dave_the_assassin 23rd
Hongle Dong Original Characters (Dungeonmans) wingedcatgirl 19th
Luna Zero Escape FollowTheMap 30th
Dialga Pokémon PinkCelebi 11th
Jay Sherman The Critic MatthewLMayfield 12th
Squid Game Protagonist DaFuq!?Boom! This 39th
Human Foxy and Bonnie Humanized Characters (non-canon) HypeKitty1 41st
Eminem Eminem FryBandit 27th
Zira The Lion King II: Simba's Pride Scipion3 7th
Rolento Street Fighter Alpha CosmosAndChaos 35th
Lotte Jansson Little Witch Academia Psychedelicate 16th
Cheese Real Life (food and drink) DontJinxUs 8th
The Torus FTL: Faster Than Light Zooterkins 2nd
GIR Invader Zim SomeLibre 33rd
Riza Hawkeye Fullmetal Alchemist Myskywarm 25th
Jesselton Williams Arknights Billy5545 5th
Koichiro Iketani Initial D BambangDoe 13th
ITEM A Certain Magical Index Justkong033 20th
The Auditor Madness Combat RippleStarShards 42nd
Vampire Cookie and Adventurer Cookie Cookie Run JKBenbot 3rd
Building Original Characters (other) Oggy123 38th
The Riddler Batman GoosefromWikipedia 45th
Sarvente Mid-Fight Masses BlackFaithStar 22nd
Juliette Pellegrini Lupin (2021) GoldenCityBird 18th
Shinn Asuka and Lunamaria Hawke Mobile Suit Gundam SEED AlbertThompsonJr 43rd
Eyeball Steven Universe TroperNo9001 10th
Brandy Silver Detentionaire TheMemeMan 17th
Nidoking Pokémon VengefulBale 46th
Traffic Light Real Life (other objects) MummyGaGa 4th
Wenda We Have All Become Pokémon kablammin45 44th
Franz Oberhauser / Ernst Stavro Blofeld James Bond (Daniel Craig continuity) dave_the_assassin 37th
Sonic-style Sylveon Original Characters (Pokémon) CosmosAndChaos 40th
Mukuro Ikusaba Danganronpa SomeLibre 32nd
Itsuki Takeuchi Initial D BambangDoe 28th
Hank J. Wimbleton Madness Combat RippleStarShards 29th

Death Summary and Statistics[edit]



  • The following players nominated reserves:
    • TroperNo9001 (Eyeball), who made it in.
    • IchigoMontoya (Sousuke Aizen)
    • Bluethorn (Bobby Blue Eyes)
    • TheMemeMan (Brandy Silver), who made it in.
    • VengefulBale (Nidoking), who made it in.
    • ThatIdiotMan (Big Cookie)
    • R3Ked (Moony)
    • MummyGaGa (Traffic Light), who made it in.
    • kablammin45 (Wenda), who made it in.
    • dave_the_assassin (Franz Oberhauser / Ernst Stavro Blofeld), who made it in.
    • wingedcatgirl (A clowder of negative-infinity identical MSPaint cats)
    • FollowTheMap (Chiaki Nanami)
    • PinkCelebi (Palkia)
    • MatthewLMayfield (Jon Lovitz)
    • This (Mastermind Squidward)
    • HypeKitty1 (Mario and Peach)
    • FryBandit (Slim Shady)
    • Scipion3 (Mother Gothel)
    • CosmosAndChaos (Sonic-style Sylveon), who made it in.
    • Psychedelicate (Atsuko Kagari and Diana Cavendish, as one tribute)
    • SomeLibre (Mukuro Ikusaba), who made it in.
    • Billy5545 (Steven Universe, as his Corrupted form in Steven Universe: Future)
    • BambangDoe (Itsuki Takeuchi), who made it in.
    • Justkong033 (Banka Yobou)
    • RippleStarShards (Hank J. Wimbleton), who made it in.
    • JKBenbot (September by Earth, Wind, and Fire)
    • GoosefromWikipedia (A Literal Banhammer)
    • BlackFaithStar (Ruvyzat)
    • GoldenCityBird (Jack Legend)
    • AlbertThompsonJr (Hector and Lyndis, as one tribute)
  • The following group tributes were composed of:
    • Hongle Dong: Hong, Gle, and Dong
    • ITEM: Shizuri Mugino, Frenda Seivelun, Saiai Kinuhata, Rikou Takitsubo, and Shiage Hamazura
  • Original characters' creators:
    • Hongle Dong (character by wingedcatgirl; art by MijuTheShark from the Dungeonmans Discord)
    • Wenda (kablammin45)
    • Sonic-style Sylveon (CosmosAndChaos)