Reboot Season 164

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Reboot Season 164
Season Title Reboot Season 164
Date Started 16th June, 2021
Date Ended 18th June, 2021
Runner TroperNo9001
Host VengefulBale
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Reboot Season 164 is the 164th season of Hunger Games Simulator: Beyond the Possibilities, as well as the 414th season overall. It was run by TroperNo9001 and hosted by VengefulBale from 16th to 18th June, 2021. It featured 48 tributes from 26 nominators, as well as TBA different works. This season featured the debut of Justkong033.

Tributes[edit | edit source]

Tribute Work of Origin Nominator Placements
Possessed Klug Puyo Puyo SomeLibre 1st
Dark Sig Puyo Puyo SomeLibre 11th
Gramma Tala Moana TroperNo9001 6th
Mama Odie The Princess and the Frog TroperNo9001 29th
Kay Hunger Games Simulator: Another Side, Another Story kablammin45 34th
Sheena We Have All Become Pokémon kablammin45 42nd
Plesioth Monster Hunter ThatIdiotMan 48th
Jyuratodus Monster Hunter: World ThatIdiotMan 17th
Victoria Haltson Life's a Beach Billy5545 22nd
Eri Life's a Beach Billy5545 9th
Hajime Hinata Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Psychedelicate 7th
Nagito Komaeda Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Psychedelicate 3rd
Horsehead Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Scipion3 41st
Gooma Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Scipion3 33rd
Peggy Hill King of the Hill MatthewLMayfield 23rd
Luanne Platter King of the Hill MatthewLMayfield 38th
Kon Kemono Jihen BambangDoe 26th
Sorawo Kamikoshi Otherside Picnic BambangDoe 30th
El Clear DJMAX Zanreo 47th
El Fail DJMAX Zanreo 4th
Kinoko Komori (Shemage) My Hero Academia Justkong033 40th
Fungal Scratcher Darkest Dungeon Justkong033 10th
Angus McFife Gloryhammer GoldenCityBird 45th
Sky High Tiger and Bunny TheMemeMan 5th
Sandbender Avatar: The Last Airbender TheMemeMan 28th
Barnacles Bear The Octonauts Oggy123 39th
Peso Penguin The Octonauts Oggy123 20th
Tyler Cutebiker Gravity Falls Myskywarm 35th
Wendy Corduroy Gravity Falls Myskywarm 27th
Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla Star Wars: Rebels IchigoMontoya 21st
Rogue and Gambit X-Men IchigoMontoya 18th
Joker Persona 5 MummyGaGa 44th
Aradia Megido Homestuck Ozbourne 19th
Equius Zahhak Homestuck Ozbourne 8th
Pat Later Alligator Bluethorn 24th
Rusty SteamWorld Dig Bluethorn 32nd
Huntail Pokémon FollowTheMap 12th
Eelektros Pokémon FollowTheMap 43rd
Makoto Nijima Persona 5 Mrperson2006 2nd
Mega Sunflora (male) Pokémon Insurgence Mrperson2006 14th
Blossom The Powerpuff Girls (1998) HypeKitty1 37th
Bubbles The Powerpuff Girls (1998) HypeKitty1 15th
Mera Salamin Epithet Erased TheGeekArtist08 36th
Phone Guy Five Nights at Freddy's TheGeekArtist08 16th
Helpy Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator BlackFaithStar 31st
Moxxie Helluva Boss VengefulBale 13th
Millie Helluva Boss VengefulBale 46th
Burger King Burger King FryBandit 25th

Death Summary and Statistics[edit | edit source]


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The following tributes were nominated in alternate forms:
    • Makoto, with a picture of a potato stuck to her face.
    • Helpy, buffed up with a bodybuilder's body and retaining his animatronic head in reference to the Buff Helpy meme.
    • Blossom and Bubbles, both as their preteen selves in FusionFall.
  • The following tributes were given alternate nicknames:
    • Makoto (Motato)
    • Phone Guy (Scott)
    • Helpy (Buff Helpy)
  • The following players swapped out or un-nominated their tributes:
    • TheMemeMan (Atrocitus and Larfleeze)
    • GoldenCityBird (Cardinal Copia, who was un-nominated so FryBandit, who originally missed out on the season, could participate.)
  • The following players missed out on this season:
    • This
    • PlasmaMan2000
    • JKBenbot
    • EeveeGirlChey
    • Risdio51
  • Original characters' creators:
    • Victoria Haltson (DookieIdiotNimrod)
    • Eri (wingedcatgirl)