Reboot Season 156

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Reboot Season 156
Season Title Reboot Season 156 (Reboot Battle Royale XII)
Date Started 3rd May, 2021
Date Ended 5th May, 2021
Runner TroperNo9001
Host TroperNo9001
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Reboot Season 156 is the 156th season of Hunger Games Simulator: Beyond the Possibilities, the 406th season overall, and the twelfth Reboot Battle Royale. It was run and hosted by TroperNo9001 from 3rd to 5th May, 2021. It featured 36 tributes from 23 nominators, as well as 33 different works.

Tributes[edit | edit source]

Tribute Work of Origin Nominator Placements
Bowser Super Mario Bros. Scipion3 26th
Kazuichi Souda Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Psychedelicate 32nd
Louis Cypher Shin Megami Tensei Risdio51 15th
Fox Real Life (animals and pets) DubhKafkaesque 3rd
Human Rarity My Little Pony: Equestria Girls VXXXN 2nd
Daniel LaRusso The Karate Kid IchigoMontoya 10th
Ash's Infernape Pokémon: The Series VengefulBale 17th
Water Toting Murlocs?! Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Mrperson2006 11th
Amelie Strand Death Stranding Billy5545 6th
Mr. Peanut Planters EeveeGirlChey 20th
Agent Six Generator Rex Myskywarm 5th
Netherite Minecraft SomeLibre 1st
Mizutsune Monster Hunter ThatIdiotMan 35th
Risotto Nero JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Myskywarm 9th
Lisa Lisa JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Myskywarm 14th
Plessie Super Mario 3D World kablammin45 31st
Goro Wajima Crossovers (fusions) BambangDoe 7th
The Mann Co. Mercs Team Fortress 2 VengefulBale 23rd
Risdio51 Troper Author Avatars Risdio51 16th
Routeferret Troper Author Avatars Routeferret 21st
Dark IchigoMontoya Hunger Games Simulation: Another Side, Another Story IchigoMontoya 8th
The Three-Headed Knight Monty Python and the Holy Grail ThatIdiotMan 25th
Riverperson Undertale TroperNo9001 19th
Captain Tankmen PlasmaMan2000 34th
Arthur Dent The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy EeveeGirlChey 24th
Izaya Orihara Durarara!!! IchigoMontoya 29th
Yusuke Girlchan in Paradise! PlasmaMan2000 28th
The Cat Quest Heroes The Battle Cats SimpleSeer 30th
Qrow Branwen RWBY Myskywarm 33rd
Hank J. Wimbleton Madness Combat PlasmaMan2000 22nd
King Kong King Kong VengefulBale 18th
Shadow Bonnie Five Nights at Freddy's 2 HypeKitty1 13th
Godzilla Godzilla VengefulBale 4th
Jesse Katsopolis Full House MatthewLMayfield 12th
Green Tentacle Day of the Tentacle Bluethorn 27th
Tonya Original Characters (other) Ozbourne 36th

Death Summary and Statistics[edit | edit source]


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The following tributes were nominated in their alternate forms:
    • Bowser, as Fury Bowser.
    • Daniel, as his 52-year-old self in Cobra Kai.
    • The Mann Co. Mercs, as the RED Mercs.
  • The following players missed the season because they failed to get any Podium Finishers during the last Battle Royale cycle:
    • Oggy123
    • Zanreo
  • DubhKafkaesque originally ran the season after HypeKitty1 retracted his offer to run due to real-life responsibilities, but struggled with getting a good save. As the Clean Save was outdated by 3 seasons including this one, TroperNo9001 took over with the Regular Save but turned off Arena Events to ease running.
  • During this season, the custom event rule was revised to reduce the soft limit of 25 events and hard limit of 30 events a troper can suggest to 10 and 15 events only, respectively, in order to reduce the workload of the save setter and save time.