Reboot Season 134

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Reboot Season 134
Season Title Reboot Season 134
Date Started December 8th, 2020
Date Ended December 11th, 2020
Runner TabbyGirl4
Host TroperNo9001
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Reboot Season 134 is the 134th season of Hunger Games Simulator: Beyond the Possibilities, as well as the 384th season overall. It was run by TabbyGirl4 and hosted by TroperNo9001 from December 8th to 11th, 2020. It featured 48 tributes from 24 nominators, as well as TBA different works. This season featured the debut of BlackFaithStar.

Tributes[edit | edit source]

Tribute Work of Origin Nominator Placement
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, and Dwight D. Eisenhower Real Life (presidents) dave_the_assassin 32nd
The Venjix Virus Power Rangers dave_the_assassin 33rd
Princess Melody The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea TroperNo9001 10th
Melody the Music Pet Little Einsteins TroperNo9001 5th
BE BTS Psychedelicate 14th
Purple Real Life (colors and patterns) Psychedelicate 44th
Benimaru Nikaido The King of Fighters BambangDoe 28th
Saki Tsuzura Arcana Heart BambangDoe 47th
Zakuro Oshigiri The Ones Within unfortunatezorua 43rd
Xiao Genshin Impact unfortunatezorua 18th
Red Harlow Red Dead Revolver ThatIdiotMan 13th
Erasmus Dragalia Lost ThatIdiotMan 35th
Skidda Donkey Kong Country Oggy123 7th
Bandana Waddle Dee Kirby Oggy123 36th
Entrapta She-Ra and the Princesses of Power mettaton48 25th
Pizza Delivery Girl Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp mettaton48 46th
Captain Marvel Jr. Shazam TheMemeMan 38th
Secret Agent Grandma Goosebumps TheMemeMan 34th
Hector "Five" Thieves Glitch Techs InactiveTroper19 40th
Miko Kubota Glitch Techs InactiveTroper19 9th
Daniel Camping TheGeekArtist08 42nd
Steve Minecraft TheGeekArtist08 29th
20 Fenchurch Street (the Walkie-Talkie) Real Life (famous buildings) TenOfSwords13 2nd
30 St Mary Axe (the Gherkin) Real Life (famous buildings) TenOfSwords13 37th
Rockley Rochester Criminal Case GoldenCityBird 21st
Thunderbird Tokyo Afterschool Summoners GoldenCityBird 27th
Zagreus Hades DarkDestruction 22nd
Sophitia Alexandra Soul Series DarkDestruction 20th
Fancy Pants Fancy Pants Adventures PinkCelebi 45th
Ninja Guy N PinkCelebi 30th
Serena Pokémon TabbyGirl4 39th
Raihan Pokémon TabbyGirl4 11th
Popple Mario & Luigi Bluethorn 17th
Rookie Mario & Luigi Bluethorn 4th
Ultraman Belial Ultra Series VengefulBale 19th
Gilvalis Ultra Series VengefulBale 26th
Djin Agent Ali BlackFaithStar 15th
BoBoiBoy BoBoiBoy BlackFaithStar 1st
Rosmontis Arknights Billy5545 23rd
Blaze Arknights Billy5545 16th
(Player1) BrantSteele Zanreo 6th
(Player2) BrantSteele Zanreo 48th
Stanley Greatful Dread DookieIdiotNimrod 24th
Jimmy Original Characters (other) DookieIdiotNimrod 12th
Jeremy Elbertson (Jerma985) Jerma985 Risdio51 8th
Kasumi Yoshizawa Persona 5 Royal Risdio51 41st
MC Ride Death Grips DubhKafkaesque 31st
Sarah Midori Perry Kero Kero Bonito DubhKafkaesque 3rd

Death Summary and Statistics[edit | edit source]


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The following tributes were nominated in alternate forms:
    • The Venjix Virus, in his Generation 13 physical body.
    • Waddle Dee, wearing a Santa hat.
    • BoBoiBoy, as one of his aspects, BoBoiBoy Thorn.
  • The following players swapped out or un-nominated their tributes:
    • VengefulBale (Shredder and Baron Draxum, who were switched out.)
  • The following players missed the nomination period:
    • IchigoMontoya (original tributes unknown because he edited his nomination post to announce that he missed)
  • Original characters' creators:
    • Jimmy (DookieIdiotNimrod)