Reboot Season 115

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Reboot Season 115
Season Title Reboot Season 115 (Blue Season)
Date Started 13th August, 2020
Date Ended 15th August, 2020
Runner Scipion3
Host TroperNo9001
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Reboot Season 115 is the 115th season of Hunger Games Simulator: Beyond the Possibilities, the 365th season overall, and the Blue Season. It was run by Scipion3 and hosted by TroperNo9001, from 13th to 15th August, 2020. It featured 48 tributes from 25 nominators, as well as TBA different works.

Tributes[edit | edit source]

Tribute Work of Origin Nominator Placement
Link and Princess Zelda The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild dave_the_assassin 4th
Swampert Pokémon Routeferret 44th
Berk The Trap Door Routeferret 35th
Carlos Ramon The Magic School Bus TroperNo9001 28th
Tim The Magic School Bus TroperNo9001 11th
Barathrum (Spirit Breaker) Dota 2 BambangDoe 6th
Maldri Darkspore BambangDoe 23rd
Miku Firefly Squid  Original Characters (other) Oggy123 34th
Kaito Sea Otter Original Characters (other) Oggy123 32nd
Blueberry Pie Cookie Cookie Run TabbyGirl4 42nd
Minto Aizawa Tokyo Mew Mew TabbyGirl4 5th
Articuno Pokémon ThatIdiotMan 22nd
Simurgh Dragalia Lost ThatIdiotMan 17th
Minato Arisato Persona 3 ultimate_life_form 3rd
Fuuka Yamagishi Persona 3 ultimate_life_form 30th
Bonechill Super Paper Mario Bluethorn 31st
Mizzter Blizzard Paper Mario: Sticker Star Bluethorn 2nd
Crescendolls Interstella 5555 arimothereindeer 21st
Cafe Cat Gorillaz arimothereindeer 15th
Gumball Watterson The Amazing World of Gumball Billy5545 29th
Cirno Touhou Billy5545 26th
Lapis Lazuli Steven Universe VengefulBale 47th
Lucina Fire Emblem Awakening VengefulBale 45th
Blue Real Life (colors and patterns) PinkCelebi 38th
Cyan Real Life (colors and patterns) PinkCelebi 1st
Experiment 626 (Stitch) Lilo & Stitch DookieIdiotNimrod 27th
Elmo Sesame Street DookieIdiotNimrod 9th
Ika Musume Squid Girl Zanreo 37th
Bit pop'n music Zanreo 43rd
Rafisol Puyo Puyo PlasmaMan2000 40th
Metal Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog PlasmaMan2000 19th
All Blue Rangers Power Rangers GeneralGigan 16th
All Blue Sentai Warriors Super Sentai GeneralGigan 10th
Blanc Neptunia Eredars 13th
Blue-Ringed Octopus Real Life (animals and pets) Eredars 14th
Gonzo The Muppets Chaoskl21 46th
MS-07B Gouf Mobile Suit Gundam Chaoskl21 33rd
Beeg SMG4 SMG4's Mario Bloopers Mrperson2006 41st
Prank-Kids Rip-Roarin-Roaster Yu-Gi-Oh! Mrperson2006 18th
Jack Frost Shin Megami Tensei KungFuCutBug 20th
Jack Frost Rankin Bass Jack Frost KungFuCutBug 8th
Kisame Hoshigaki Naruto IchigoMontoya 25th
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez Bleach IchigoMontoya 48th
SpaceGodzilla Godzilla TheMemeMan 36th
Thanos The Avengers TheMemeMan 12th
Lugia Pokémon Scipion3 24th
The Blue Wings Hunger Games Simulation: Another Side, Another Story Scipion3 7th
Kim Seokjin BTS Psychedelicate 39th

Death Summary and Statistics[edit | edit source]


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tributes who were nominated as their alternate forms:
    • Thanos was nominated as his original comic self.
    • Blanc was nominated as White Heart, her Super Mode form.
  • The following players swapped out or un-nominated their tributes:
    • VengefulBale (Padak).
    • arimothereindeer (Energizer Bunny and Mitu).
    • GeneralGigan ( Mighty Endowed and the Frankentribute).
    • Mrperson2006 (the Zappa Mechakoopa aka Blue Mechakoopa).
    • dave_the_assassin (Navi, who was relinquished to let Psychedelicate enter Jin for Blue Pun Clan representation. Link was also originally nominated as a solo tribute, but Navi's relinquishment caused Dave to nominate Zelda alongside him as one tribute.
  • The following tributes with non-obvious members were composed of:
    • The Blue Rangers: 30 members
    • Blue Sentai Warriors: 35 members
    • The Blue Wings: James and Arthur
  • Original characters' creators:
    • James and Arthur (Scipion3)
  • DookieIdiotNimrod originally hosted the season, but was given a three-season hosting ban for accidentally leaking the original run. The podium finishers would have been Grimmjow (1st place), Metal Sonic (2nd place), Lucina (3rd place), and Swampert (most kills). As a result of this, IchigoMontoya, PlasmaMan2000 and Bale all missed out on the Battle Royale as they failed to get a podium finisher the season afterward, which happened right before the BR.