OG Season 38

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OG Season 38
Season Title OG Season 38
Date Started July 11th, 2016
Date Ended July 11th, 2016
Runner DarkDestruction
Host Psychedelicate
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OG Season 38 is the 38th season of Hunger Games Simulator and the 38th season overall. It was run by DarkDestruction and hosted by Psychedelicate within 11th July, 2016. It featured 36 tributes from 12 nominators, as well as 29 different works.


Tribute Work of Origin Nominator Placement
Freddy Fazbear Five Nights at Freddy's DarkDestruction 20th
Naga The Legend of Korra DarkDestruction 3rd
Kiara The Lion King II: Simba's Pride TroperNo9001 26th
Kion The Lion Guard TroperNo9001 2nd
Ulquiorra Cifer Bleach InfinityRyujin 36th
Gin Ichimaru Bleach InfinityRyujin 18th
Panty Anarchy Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Psychedelicate 33rd
Stocking Anarchy Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Psychedelicate 6th
Cure Blossom Pretty Cure DarkerShining 19th
Cure Marine Pretty Cure DarkerShining 34th
The Sniper Team Fortress 2 IchigoMontoya 23rd
Quiet Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain IchigoMontoya 9th
Reptilian The Reptilians arcada188 16th
Gromozeka The Mystery of the Third Planet arcada188 32nd
Mordecai Regular Show Weirdguy149 17th
Zombie Mordecai Regular Show Weirdguy149 14th
Trevor Philips Grand Theft Auto V GrafVonTirol 31st
Patrick Bateman American Psycho GrafVonTirol 12th
Nujabes Nujabes Sedmikrasky 11th
J Dilla J Dilla Sedmikrasky 26th
Chibi Ruby Rose RWBY Chibi TooManyIdeas 7th
Captain Toad Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker TooManyIdeas 13th
Momma Thyrranoid Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal PresidentStalkeyes 5th
James May Top Gear PresidentStalkeyes 10th
Rapidash Pokémon DarkDestruction 4th
Dark Apple Bloom Alternate Character Interpretations DarkDestruction 29th
The Annoying Dog Undertale InfinityRyujin 27th
Aaron Undertale InfinityRyujin 25th
GIFfany Gravity Falls Psychedelicate 35th
Tei Sukone UTAU Psychedelicate 8th
Angry Joe Vargas The Angry Joe Show IchigoMontoya 30th
Lewis Lovhaug (Linkara) Atop the Fourth Wall IchigoMontoya 1st
Daffy Duck Daffy Duck arcada188 21st
KMIY Chargeman Ken! arcada188 22nd
Magikarp Pokémon Weirdguy149 15th
Shiny Gyarados Pokémon Weirdguy149 24th

Death Summary and Statistics[edit]



  • The following players nominated reserves:
    • DarkDestruction (Rapidash and Dark Apple Bloom), who made it in.
    • InfinityRyujin (The Annoying Dog and Aaron), who made it in.
    • Psychedelicate (GIFfany and Tei Sukone), who made it in.
    • IchigoMontoya (Angry Joe Vargas and Lewis Lovhaug (Linkara)), who made it in.
    • arcada188 (Daffy Duck (wearing a zoot suit) and KMIY), who made it in.
    • Weirdguy149 (Magikarp and Shiny Gyarados), who made it in.
  • The following tribute was nominated in an alternate form:
    • Kiara, as a cub.
    • Daffy Duck, as his Book Revue version/wearing a zoot suit.
  • The following tributes were given alternate nicknames:
    • Mordecai (Good Mordecai)
    • Zombie Mordecai (Creepy Mordecai)
  • The following player missed out on the season:
    • Inceptiond
  • DarkDestruction nominated TooManyIdeas' and PresidentStalkeyes's tributes from past seasons (OG Season 1 for Chibi Ruby Rose and Captain Toad, OG Season 4 for Momma Thyrranoid, and OG Season 19 for James May) as fillers even though both players weren't active in the game at the time, because there still weren't enough tributes to fill the 36-tribute roster even with reserves.
  • arcada188 nominated for next season while this season was underway.