OG Season 225

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OG Season 225
Season Title OG Season 225
Date Started May 8th, 2018
Date Ended May 9th, 2018
Runner dave_the_assassin
Host StarAndroidJaguar
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OG Season 225 is the 225th season of Hunger Games Simulator and the 225th season overall. It was run by dave_the_assassin and hosted by StarAndroidJaguar from 8th to 9th May, 2018. It featured 48 tributes from 22 nominators, as well as (worknumber) different works.

Season Report[edit]

Tribute Work of Origin Nominator Placement
The Teletubbies Teletubbies W[REDACTED] 1st
The Boohbahs Boohbah W[REDACTED] 8th
Thanos The Avengers IchigoMontoya 4th
Frieza Dragon Ball IchigoMontoya 36th
Lightsaber Star Wars MrDeathPlatypus 44th
Energy Sword Halo MrDeathPlatypus 30th
Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic dave_the_assassin 2nd
Scootaloo My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic dave_the_assassin 35th
Queen Cordelia Cucumber Quest InfinityRyujin 3rd
Nightmare Knight Cucumber Quest InfinityRyujin 27th
Mimi Pop'n Music Zanreo 9th
Nyami Pop'n Music Zanreo 43rd
Katsuki Bakugou (Dynamight) My Hero Academia Psychedelicate 29th
Izuku "Deku" Midoriya My Hero Academia Psychedelicate 12th
Emolga Pokémon TroperNo9001 7th
Dedenne Pokémon TroperNo9001 13th
Bendy Bendy and the Ink Machine TheGamechanger 18th
The Ink Machine Bendy and the Ink Machine TheGamechanger 33rd
Yeti Monsters, Inc. FryBandit 15th
Duncan Total Drama FryBandit 21st
Pitbull Pitbull Mk_97 22nd
Fireball F-Zero: Maximum Velocity Mk_97 32nd
Aisha Clan-Clan Outlaw Star KLS2097 20th
"Twilight" Suzuka Outlaw Star KLS2097 40th
Rico Tyrell Phantasy Star Online Eredars 39th
Harry Tipper TimeSplitters Eredars 5th
Charles White Jr. (Cr1TiKaL) Cr1TiKaL GrafVonTirol 25th
Skeletor He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983) GrafVonTirol 38th
Asia Argento High School DxD TheSilverShroud 28th
The Rahkshi Bionicle TheSilverShroud 11th
Beads Real Life (clothing and accessories) 4fterthought 45th
Pom Pom Circle Real Life (other objects) 4fterthought 41st
Crowfeather Hunter Bloodborne M[REDACTED] 42nd
Kirin Hunter Monster Hunter M[REDACTED] 37th
Peppa Pig Peppa Pig arcada188 16th
George Pig Peppa Pig arcada188 24th
Marcus Miles (Beast) Divinity: Original Sin 2 ThatIdiotMan 47th
Lohse Divinity: Original Sin 2 ThatIdiotMan 19th
AbsolSigma Troper Author Avatars AbsolSigma 17th
Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff #1 Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff AbsolSigma 34th
Gorochu Concept Characters PinkCelebi 48th
Mega Flygon Concept Characters PinkCelebi 46th
Kobra Mortal Kombat: Deception CosmosAndChaos 26th
Shujinko Mortal Kombat: Deception CosmosAndChaos 31st
Joseph "Joe" Hahn Linkin Park dave_the_assassin 6th
Dave "Phoenix" Farrell Linkin Park dave_the_assassin 10th
Totoko Yowai Osomatsu-san Zanreo 23rd
Nyaa Hashimoto Osomatsu-san Zanreo 14th
Death Summary and Statistics[edit]

Kill Tally:

Manner of Death:


  • The following players nominated reserves:
    • dave_the_assassin (Joseph Hahn and Dave "Phoenix" Farrell), who made it in.
    • InfinityRyujin (Thebestmaster and Steve).
    • Zanreo (Totoko Yowai and Nyaa Hashimoto), who made it in.
    • Psychedelicate (Mina Ashido (Pinky) and Chiaki Nanami).
    • Mk_97 (Trogdor and Reptar).
    • M[REDACTED] (Eri Kitamura (Kitaeri) and Sumire Uesaka (Sumipe)).
    • arcada188 (URoRRoR'R'R and Tsuchinoko).
    • ThatIdiotMan (Maleficent and Dale Gribble).
  • The following tributes were given alternate nicknames:
    • Yeti (Abominable Snowman).
    • Pitbull (Mr. Worldwide).
    • Rico Tyrell (Red Ring Rico).
  • The following group tributes with non-obvious members were composed of:
    • The Teletubbies: Laa-Laa, Tinky Winky, Po and Dipsy.
    • The Boohbahs: Zing Zing Zingbah, Jumbah, Humbah, Jingbah and Zumbah.
    • The Rahkshi: Lerahk, Guurahk, Panrahk, Turahk, Kurahk, and Vorahk.