OG Season 12

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OG Season 12
Season Title OG Season 12
Date Started 6th June, 2016
Date Ended 7th June, 2016
Runner DarkDestruction
Host DarkDestruction
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OG Season 12 is the 12th season of Hunger Games Simulator, as well as the 12th season overall. It was run and hosted by DarkDestruction from 6th to 7th June, 2016. It featured 24 tributes from 11 nominators, as well as 20 different works.


Tribute Work of Origin Nominator Placements
Sovunya KikoRiki arcada188 22nd
Dyudyuka of Barbidoc Tiger Cub and His Friends arcada188 1st
America Hetalia: Axis Powers Psychedelicate 4th
Germany Hetalia: Axis Powers Psychedelicate 7th
Kosaku Kawajiri JoJo's Bizarre Adventure InfinityRyujin 5th
The Engineer Team Fortress 2 InfinityRyujin 3rd
Makoto Nanaya BlazBlue Sedmikrasky 9th
Squirrel Girl The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Sedmimrasky 23rd
Experiment 626 (Stitch) Lilo & Stitch TroperNo9001 21st
Toothless How to Train Your Dragon TroperNo9001 2nd
Boba Fett Star Wars IchigoMontoya 10th
Rebecca "Revy" Lee Black Lagoon IchigoMontoya 15th
Four-Eyed Tyhrranoid Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal PresidentStalkeyes 6th
Three-Eyed Tyhrranoid Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal PresidentStalkeyes 20th
Vaas Montenegro Far Cry 3 Skiller2 11th
Dragon Ogre Warhammer 40000 Skiller2 16th
King Harkinian The Legend of Zelda CD-i Games GrafVonTirol 19th
I. M. Meen I. M. Meen GrafVonTirol 13th
Dimentio Super Paper Mario HuneyB 18th
Fawful Mario & Luigi HuneyB 8th
George Washington Civilization DarkDestruction 12th
Otto von Bismarck Civilization DarkDestruction 24th
Symmetra Overwatch DarkDestruction 17th
Mahatma Gandhi Civilization DarkDestruction 14th

Death Summary and Statistics[edit]



  • The following tributes were nominated as their alternate forms:
    • Kosaku Kawajiri, who was not the real one, but rather Yoshikage Kira's new identity after he killed the real Kosaku and forced another Stand User, Aya Tsuji, to perform the plastic surgery that would make himself look like Kosaku.
    • George Washington, Otto von Bismarck and Mahatma Gandhi, as their Civilization 5 incarnations.
  • Tributes who were swapped out or un-nominated:
    • Sedmikrasky originally nominated Peridot and Lapis Lazuli, before swapping them out.
  • The following players nominated reserves:
    • arcada188 (Gargamel and Azrael (as one tribute) and Zig, and Luntik/Moonzy as third tribute if the season used the 36-tributes format and Ratso)
    • TroperNo9001 (Kirby as her third tribute in case this season used the 36-tributes format)
    • DarkDestruction (Symmetra and Mahatma Gandhi), who made it in.
    • InfinityRyujin (Flame Swordsman as his third tribute in case this season used the 36-tributes format)
    • Psychedelicate (Yuno Gasai and Rena Ryuuguu)
    • IchigoMontoya (Reaper and Widowmaker)
  • The following player missed out on this season. They would have nominated:
    • Weirdguy149 (Darth Vader and Mufasa), who was accidentally left out by the savemaker.
  • GrafVonTirol went by EarlOfSandvich at the time of this season, while HuneyB went by gregnes2000.
  • This season was the first ever season where custom events were implemented.