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%%This list is alphabetized.

  • The 4th place curse. [labelnote:Explanation]When a tribute makes 4th place without getting most kills, just barely missing out on a spot in the Hall of Fame, they are said to have gotten the "4th place curse."[/labelnote]
  • The [WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Aang] treatment. [labelnote:Explanation]This is what the players have taken to calling an event in which several tributes [Pun gaang] up on one tribute. The name comes from an incident where four tributes tracked down and killed Aang in OG Season 14.[/labelnote]
  • The Franchise/Ben10 curse. [labelnote:Explanation]Ever since their debut in OG Season 140, Ben 10 tributes have exhibited a tendency to perform very poorly. The players often joke about there being a curse on the source material, often nominating tributes from the franchise in hopes of them breaking the curse. Taken UpToEleven when the Curse itself was nominated in OG Season 246, where it won because ComicBook/ThePunisher encouraged it to kill others. It seems to have been exorcised in the Reboot, though, where Ben 10 tributes appear to have fairly balanced performances, some even becoming podium finishers.[/labelnote]
  • The [VideoGame/Blood Caleb] and/or [VideoGame/CastlevaniaOrderOfEcclesia Shanoa] curse. [labelnote:Explanation] Originally nominated by Eredars, these two tributes are some of his more well-known ones... [ButtMonkey for dying extremely early in the season no matter how many times they're nominated.] Mainly used for Eredars' tributes that can never, ever catch a break, no matter how many times they're nominated. [/labelnote]
  • Fashion Officer [Music/StrayKids Felix][labelnote:Explanation]In Reboot Season 66, Felix decided to become a fashion officer alongside [Webcomic/Homestuck The Grand Highblood] after they were disgusted by other tributes' ugliness. Felix proceeded to antagonize and even kill tributes for wearing little to no clothing, resulting in his interpretation as a serious fashion officer becoming memetic.[/labelnote]
  • WesternAnimation/FindingNemo and improbable weapon us|erage. [labelnote:Explanation]For some reason, the fish of Finding Nemo tend to become improbable weapon users whenever they're nominated.[/labelnote]
  • [Film/FightClub The first rule of the Hunger Games is: you do not question the logic of the Hunger Games. The second rule of the Hunger Games is: you....] [labelnote:Explanation]During Season 92 of the Reboot, Tropers/TroperNo9001 asked why [VideoGame/KingdomHeartsIII Dark Baymax] didn’t die after falling into the water. Tropers/MrPerson2006 simply responded "Don’t question the mighty Hunger Games Simulator, it is a god.", with [Tropers/DaveTheAssassin dave_the_assassin] completing the joke. This is used every time somebody brings up the FridgeLogic of the Hunger Games Simulator, with the second rule mentioning something that happened in the season so far[/labelnote]
  • The Manga/MyHeroAcademia curse. [labelnote:Explanation] MHA heroes tend to die extremely early in the Original Generation. [/labelnote]
  • Oof, sigh, le sigh, Alas, poor X, and X, I am disappoint. [labelnote:Explanation] All common responses that players often give when their tributes die.[/labelnote]
  • [Literature/TheHungerGames President Snow]. [labelnote:Explanation]There are several events involving Snow, and it's also commonplace to nominate him as a tribute.[/labelnote]
  • [Franchise/StarWars The Red Squadron] wins everything. [labelnote:Explanation]In OG Season 174, the other tributes kept letting the entire Red Squadron compete in competitions as a single participant despite their outrageous advantage in numbers over the other competitors. They understandably won every single time. This happened four times. They won a game of laser tag, a cooking duel, a paintball war, and a pun-off. Ever since then, whenever a group tribute wins a competition in the same fashion, the Red Squadron is inevitably brought up.[/labelnote]
  • Ron. [labelnote:Explanation]Tropers/TacoBadger has been known to nominate a clone of another tribute, naming them "Ron."[/labelnote]
  • Steel chairs. [labelnote:Explanation]One of the most infamous fatal events was the old "steel chair event." It was added before OG Season 128, and was originally worded as "([=Player1=]) is about to beat ([=Player2=]), but here comes ([=Player3=]) with the steel chair!" It was inputted so that both P1 and P2 die, which confused many players. It was eventually retired in OG Season 160 because of its confusing, ambiguous wording. Eventually though, it was re-added in OG Season 186 when it was reworded to be clear that P3 only kills P1. However, a variant that goes by the original interpretation was also added in OG Season 217. Ever since, there are many more events that reference steel chairs, even an arena event dedicated to them. And in OG Season 236, two steel chairs were nominated as tributes (one named Ron).[/labelnote]
  • [Memes/StevenUniverse Steven's Knife] is canon.[labelnote:Explanation]After WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse snapped and killed five tributes at once by [GenuineHumanHide skinning and wearing them as flesh jackets] in OG Season 234, the Discord server exploded with jokes that the Steven's Knife meme (where he was [BlackComedy jokingly said to use a knife to murder people]) was [AscendedMeme canonized] in the HGS universe.[/labelnote]
  • The [Music/BTS V] Incident. [labelnote:Explanation]After V' s death at the hands of [VideoGame/TheBattleCats Miko Mitama] in Reboot Season 60, which involved him being subjected to every non-blacklisted fatal event at the time by the latter, the FridgeHorror from this results in the whole incident becoming pretty infamous among the community.[/labelnote]